Our Instructors
Aikido Nottingham
We have male and female instructors. All have recognised coaching qualifications, endorsed by the British Aikido Board (BAB) and Sport England. They also have current DBS integrity checks and first aid qualifications.

Colin Jones
Colin started practicing Aikido in 1972 with
Chiba Shihan and later trained under Kanetsuka
Shihan. He achieved 1st Dan in 1982 and 3rd
Dan in 1999. He now a UKA Fukushidoin and
senior club instructor.
He trains with visiting Japanese instructors
regularly. He has attended various international
seminars around the world trained at Hombu
dojo in Japan.
Juha Immonen
Dawn Sherringham
Colin Jones
Juha started training in Aikido in
Finland in 1978. He achieved 3rd
dan in 2013 and is now a UKA
He has been teaching Aikido
since 1988. He has trained in
Finland, Sweden, Estonia and
now in the UK. He has trained in
Jujitsu and Kick-Boxing and also
has taught Baton
Dawn started Aikido in 1981. She achieved 1st
dan in 1991 and 2nd Dan in 2007. She started
under the instruction of Kanetsuka Shihan and
Don Morgan Shihan.
Dawn represented Wales in Judo and is a
former triple British Student Champion. She
holds a black belt in Shotokan Karate (SKI, 
Asano Hanshi, 9th Dan) and has also studied
Kendo. She studied Japanese Language at the
University of Sheffield, as a post-graduate.
She has visited Japan many times to train at
Hombu Dojo and attended international
seminars around the world.
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