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Aikido Nottingham
Please see below for details of when and where we practise.

We train at Dunkirk Community Centre, in
Room 1, which is through the main hall.
It is near the junction of the A52 and A6005,
on the Nottingham ring road between the
University and the Showcase Cinema. 
By car, access is via Lace Street. There is
plenty of free parking.
By bus, the nearest stop is Dunkirk, Lace
Street. The best services are Trent Barton
Indigo or NCTX 34.
By tram, we are between Nottingham
University and QMC.
Monday    19.00 -21.00

Thursday  19.00 -21.00

Please arrive about 15 minutes
early for preparations,
introductions and pre-mat
There is a mat fee for each class.
There is an annual fee for membership of the
national organisation which includes
You can pay this on your second week to
allow you to try Aikido with minimal cost.
Concessions are available, please ask for
Dunkirk Community Centre,
Montpelier Road,
NG7 2JW.
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